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My Gliderol Roller Door is not working properly - Does it need a service?

My Gliderol Roller Door is not working properly - Does it need a service?

March 11, 2022

All throughout South Australia, many people have a Gliderol Roller Door. It is not uncommon for problems to occur where the roller door is not working properly. Does your door need a service? It is the manufacturer’s recommendation that every garage door is serviced at least every 1-2 years to ensure optimal performance. This time frame is reduced to every 6 months to 1 year if you live close to the beach where salt damage is a big issue.


We find that with Gliderol Roller Doors the springs can sometimes become very noisy with regular use and therefore we would ask the question, how long has it been and does it need a service? Generally giving the roller door a good service can dramatically reduce the amount of noise the door is making. If it has been a long time since the door has had a service, we might even recommend greasing the springs on your Gliderol Roller Door to try and completely remove any squealing/squeaking noises which might be present, keeping in mind that with any sort of mechanical device, there will always be operation noise.


If you find that your Gliderol Roller Door is not working properly, it could be a case of the alignment of the door being out, which again with consistent use, can happen from time to time. To the trained eye, it is usually quite simple to detect this as an issue upon examining the door. If your door does need a service, this is one of the first things that is checked as it is a very common reason as to why your roller door is not working properly. Unfortunately, if left, over time, the alignment will continue to get worse and could lead to the roller door getting jammed which will always happen at the worst possible time!


If you have a manual Roller Door and it gets well used, a big contributing factor to the roller door not working properly is the tension which is on the spring inside of the roll. We have specialised tools which we use to increase/decrease the force which is on the spring. Over time, the spring can lose its tension so if you find yourself having to be a weightlifter to get your roller door open, you will probably find that the adjustment of the tension will make a huge difference!


Bear in mind that as much as it may cost you to have a trusted roller door company come out and service your door, you will find that with regular servicing and inspection, this can eliminate future problems which can go undetected otherwise. Nobody wants heir roller door out of action so if you have a Gliderol roller door that is not working properly, don’t leave it too long before getting that service that your roller door needs – prevention is better than cure!