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How Long Does A Garage Door Service Take?

How Long Does A Garage Door Service Take?

March 11, 2022

Garage door servicing is an essential part of looking after your garage door and keeping it performing at its absolute best. As with any mechanical device, the more regular the maintenance, the less likely it is for something to go majorly wrong.


Generally, garage door servicing only takes around 20 minutes providing that there are no big issues with the garage door or broken parts. A regular service would include:

• Checking the alignment of the door and remove the tracks to correct if necessary
• Lubricating the tracks (less is more!)
• Run the garage door up and down to check the workings of the motor (if applicable)
• Inspect the garage door for any visible signs on wear and tear.
• Check the springs to ensure the correct tension is present


It’s a sad (but understandable) fact that generally people only call when their garage door is having a problem. There can be a range of reasons why.


Sometimes it can be a case that the motor isn’t closing all of the way to floor or maybe it does close and then bounces straight back up again! This is another good reason that garage door servicing is recommended  as we check the operation of the motor to see if there is any unusual activity.


Another common description is that the garage door remote button is pressed, however nothing happens! We will always advise our customers to check if the red light is coming on but also ask how long it has been since the battery has been changed in the remote. It is usually a simply case of taking the little screws out of the back of the remote and stopping by your nearest battery shop (quite often the Shoe Repair stands in your local shopping centre can help you out with this) and putting in a new battery – a lot of times this solves the problem at very little cost! However if you have already travelled down this path and still your remote is not working, whilst we are carrying out your garage door servicing, we can test your remotes to find out why. Strangely enough, sometimes remotes can “lose” their codes which essentially means that they stop talking to the motor. Reprogramming the remote can quite often take care of the issue. If issues are still present, our qualified technician will continue problem solving until the issue is rectified.