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Roller Door Parts & Accessories in Adelaide

At Fast Fix Roller Doors, our team is dedicated to working efficiently to get your garage door repaired at your property in a fast and convenient timeframe. We provide an extensive range of spare parts for roller doors, panel lift doors (also known as sectional) and tilt doors. In most cases, we have the parts required on board, therefore we can complete the job first visit saving you time and money.


We are able to help you with the following part replacements:







  U bolts


  Locking bars

  Locking bar retainers

  Weather seal



  Cable wheels

  Chain rails



  Curtain retainers

  Coning clamp

  Weight bars



  Belt rail


  Guide block

  Sheave wheels

  Power arms




Some common issues which can arise for panel lift (sectional) doors are:

Frayed cables

Broken / snapped cables

Snapped springs



Some common issues which can arise for roller doors are:

Door out of tracks

Nylofelt coming away from edge of door

Broken or bent locking bars